Delloop, the central retailer-customer communication hub

Doesn’t it drive you crazy when you buy something online and then later you can’t contact Customer Service for any help? You try everything – email, a chatbot, call centre – Aaaargh!
We hate it! And we’re sure you know what we mean.


What is Delloop?

Delloop, the central retailer-customer communication hub

Buying online is as much about service as it is about quality products and a fair price. Customers want to be welcomed, they want help if they need it, and they want to be engaged.

Delloop’s bi-directional communication channel enables Retailers and Customers to stay connected. One single channel for any Customer to communicate with any Retailer.

This pioneering Engagement as a Service℠ ensures that everyone in the e-commerce loop has the vital communication tools they need to enjoy an exceptional experience.


Benefits for ALL

Advanced Technology

Delloop is powered by leading-edge technology that operates via simple interfaces for easy take-up by anyone. It includes an incentivised augmented reality APP to engage customers, help resolves issues and address Last Mile Delivery issues. API-based middleware and processes facilitate direct Customer Service as well as new Marketing opportunities.

Retailer Support

An API or simple plug-in allows for the easy integration of Delloop’s bi-directional communication channel into a Retailer’s system. Direct, efficient communication reduces the need for out-sourced third party support and facilitates easier in-house problem resolution, as well as opening up a new channel for feedback and direct marketing. It also helps reduce abandoned carts.

Visit the Delloop Partners’ support page HERE

Customer Support

Shopping online is easy, except when something goes wrong. Then what? A truly memorable shopping experience doesn’t end at the check-out – it starts and finishes with the vital ingredient of end-to-end good communication. Via the Delloop APP customers can directly contact any of their preferred Retailers about Delivery Issues or for Technical Support, Customer Service or Warranty Claims.

Member Benefits

Becoming a Delloop Member is free and gives you access to a range of exclusive benefits! From easy one-click check-out on Delloop Partner Retail sites to great freebies and incentives every time you receive a parcel. And when you need support with Delivery issues, Returns, Customer Service, Tech Support or Warranty Claims, the Delloop APP gives you easy, direct access to the Retailer for a fast response.

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What Customers Say

0% Churning
Customers who leave due to bad service
0% Expectation
Customers who want fast resolution to queries
0% Frustration
Customers who leave due to speaking to multiple agents
0% Satisfaction
Customers who trust companies that make it easy to contact them
0% Loyalty
Customers who say they′ll pay more for a great experience.

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