As a Delloop Retail Partner you’ll have access to our growing Membership base for marketing and communication purposes.

Delloop leverages modern technology to provide a secure, enduring and bi-directional communication channel between retailers and their customers. Neatly packetized information from the customer means the query arrives already ear-marked for the right resolution centre within your company.


Delloop offers a myriad of benefits – from reduced service personnel, less reliance on third-party support, to more reliable customer feedback and faster query resolution – all of which results in happier customers who stay with you.
Plus Delloop Partner Retailers have direct marketing access to not just their own customers, but to the entire Delloop Member base.

Direct communication = better service = happier customers = reduced acquisition & retention costs!

Interested in participating in a Pilot to see how Delloop can help your eCommerce business?  Contact pilot@delloop.com today